Hystat Response Control System (HRCS)

Caterpillar's Hystat Response Control System (HRCS) adjusts loader's hydrostatic drive/steer system.

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Caterpillar's Hystat Response Control System (HRCS) uses software to permit the loader's hydrostatic drive/steer system to be adjusted to one of three response rates-standard, intermediate or maximum-to determine how rapidly the machine accelerates/decelerates and how quickly it responds to steering commands.

  • Levels allow skilled operators to use the machine to its full potential, but also accommodates operators of lesser experience
  • Standard setting provides smooth, controlled acceleration/deceleration rates and steering response
  • Intermediate setting, the machine will start and stop more quickly, and steering-response lag is diminished
  • Maximum setting, the loader will accelerate aggressively in forward, will stop abruptly and will respond instantaneously to steering commands
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