Stauff Weld Gun

Increased productivity and flexibility for the installation of Stauff pipe, tube, hose and cable clamps

Swg Wg Welding Gun
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Stauff is using the stud welding principle for the installation of pipe, tube, hose and cable clamps. The usual welded base plate is replaced with female threaded weld studs fastened to the machine using the Stauff Weld Gun.

  • Custom gun fixture and spacing plates made from plastic provide the correct spacing between studs and between the pipe clamp and the substructure
  • System can also be adopted for alternative fastening methods, e.g. for clamping belts, cable ties or corrugated cable protection hoses
  • In addition to the individual components – weld studs, distance plates, clamp bodies and metal hardware required – the company also provides the specially designed assembly tools such as the weld inverter and the weld gun, weld stud retainer and distance adaptor
  • Offers considerable savings potentials for users with significant processing volumes, especially when working in horizontal or overhead position
  • Amount of rework on welding locations can be significantly decreased
  • Material distortion is reduced to a minimum through low thermal stress
  • Joint of the weld stud with the substructure offers a high degree of strength and safety, at least as strong as installation with regular welded plates
  • Fast and easy installation of pipe clamps even in overhead installations - access is only required from one side of the work area and no drilling is required eliminating leaks and weakening of the substructure

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