Plastisol Compounds for Molding and Dipping

Plastisol is a versatile thermoplastic material suitable for molding, dipping and coating. Available in brilliant colors and exactly matched automotive tints.

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Renosol Corp. offers Plastisol, a versatile material that can be used in a variety of processes to make luxurious, cost-effective and durable parts. Renosol engineers plastisol formulations to both processing and product requirements, and custom tints to match specifications.

  • Compounds are specifically designed for manufacturing process (rotational molding dip-molding and coating, slush molding and more) and for the hardness, color, flexibility, appearance and other characteristics required
  • Provides color-matched parts with the look and feel of leather
  • Color goes all the way through, so scratches don't mar the surface or affect the performance and feel of the part
  • Available for grommets, seals and gaskets
  • Both hot dip and cold dip compounds are available
  • Foamed plastisol compounds are used to provide tough, cushioning support
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