Seaboard HDPE and PVC products

Vycom offers Seaboard HDPE and PVC products.

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Vycom offers Seaboard, a family of HDPE and PVC products for marine, RV and other outdoor applications. Designed to replace wood or metal in marine and RV applications, the products hold up in outdoor environments where water, UV exposure, and other harsh elements are present. Products include:

  • Seaboard PVC: UV package reduces deterioration, rigid foamed features optimal density, with a smaller cell structure for enhanced finishing and superior screw and staple retention
  • Ideal for instrument panels, seat backs. 
  • Easy to fabricate, paint or laminate with regular tools.
  • Seaboard HDPE Lite: Co-extrusion technology provides solid outer surface with a foamed core; a third less weight than solid HDPE
  • Closed cell structure in core eliminates moisture infiltration 
  • Used for hatches and covers for recreational vehicles
  • Seaboard Supreme DS: Foamed core material is stiffer, has twice the normal dimensional stability of Seaboard HDPE for tough environments such as seat bottoms, engine covers and larger span applications.
  • Half the expansion and contraction of standard HDPE, lightweight, UV stabilized




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