Akulon Fuel Lock a mono-polyamide 6 compound

DSM offers Akulon Fuel Lock, a mono-polyamide 6 compound.

Fuel Tank 10185917

DSM Engineering Plastics launches Akulon Fuel Lock, a mono-polyamide 6 compound which dramatically reduces evaporative emissions from the fuel tanks of non-road, outdoor equipment and vehicles with small, spark-ignition engines.

  • Tests of a tank with a nominal 2 mm wall thickness molded from Akulon Fuel Lock showed an exceptionally low evaporative emission rate less than 20% of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation limit
  • Supports sustainable practices by avoiding fluorination, a traditional barrier technology for high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • High impact resistance down to -40C
  • Offer customers the ability to design thinner-wall fuel tanks that reduce weight and material
  • Utilize standard injection molding and blow molding tools and machines
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