3Diligent Launches Industry 4.0 Consulting Services

Focused on strategy and design advisory for additive manufacturing, the company supports large enterprises and manufacturers through their Industry 4.0 journey.

3Diligent announces it has formally launched 3Diligent Consulting, a new division that works with manufacturing businesses to develop strategies and designs that that can provide them competitive advantage for Industry 4.0. 

Additive manufacturing is helping usher in a revolutionary restructuring of the global supply chain, a transition broadly termed Industry 4.0. Once fully realized, 3D printers, CNC machines, and other means of robotic fabrication stand to provide an unprecedented degree of localization, customization, and flexibility to manufacturing activities. However, structuring an organization to optimally compete in this future state requires an in-depth understanding of the myriad technologies and materials now coming into market, and how to consider allocation of these solutions around the world.

As a division of 3Diligent, which also boasts a manufacturing division with a global manufacturing footprint, 3Diligent Consulting combines on-the-ground manufacturing expertise with the pedigree of a top-five global management consulting firm. 3Diligent Consulting is led by Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent and formerly of Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations practice.  

“There are a number of companies delivering Industry 4.0 consulting services, but none have the unique perspective of actually delivering parts across dozens of additive processes,” Hilkene says. “Combining 3Diligent’s hands-on experience with the rigorous training I gained delivering consulting engagements at Deloitte and am imparting to our consulting team, we are able to deliver our clients an unmatched value proposition.”

Strategic Advisory and Design Advisory Services

3Diligent Consulting offers two main advisory services to help companies make optimal use of additive manufacturing and other digital manufacturing technologies across their organization.

Strategic Advisory Services for Industry 4.0

3Diligent Consulting’s Strategic Advisory Services are designed to help customers build their Industry 4.0 strategy. Central to this offering is developing a strategy for how digital manufacturing solutions like 3D Printing can be effectively incorporated into broader corporate direction and supply chain strategy. Specific engagements may focus on high level additive strategy or supply chain strategy or address foundational elements of a robust Industry 4.0 strategy such as voice of customer studies, business case development, and part identification for additive manufacture.

Design Advisory Services

3Diligent’s Design Consulting practice provides clients support in developing tangible part and assembly designs that are optimally suited for digital manufacture. 3D Printers are capable of delivering geometries that are impossible or implausible to manufacture any other way. Such geometries are capable of delivering higher performance and as a result competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. 3Diligent Design Consulting provides Design for Additive Manufacturing services including topological optimization and generative/parametric design to achieve superior design concepts that might never be dreamed up by engineers. 3Diligent couples these design capabilities with consulting support for material and process selection to ensure that innovative designs are manufacturable to the furthest bounds of current technology.