WearCalc 2.0 Software

SSAB has released an updated version of its wear prediction software, WearCalc 2.0.

Ssab Wearcalc Fig 10797355

SSAB has invested five years of research and development to create WearCalc 2.0, which predicts erosive and impact wear as well as sliding wear for all types of Hardox wear plate.

  • Covers two types of impact damage: Severe damage involving crater formation and extruded lips during impact, and milder damage resulting in plastic deformation of the surface
  • Erosion model is based on published research as well as on SSAB research with aggregate and large rocks
  • Predicts whether makeup of abrasive materials will cause edges to penetrate steel surface or to break
  • Uses mineral hardness to calculate erosion on different types of wear plate
  • Algorithm takes size, shape, impingement angle and velocity of material into account
  • Easy-to-use user interface 
  • Results are presented in a table, with the Rel. life column showing the relative predicted life for different types of Hardox wear plate
  • Normally mild steel is used as a reference value (1.0)
  • Creates a report file which can be e-mailed or saved
  • Report generator creates a report with the input parameters and result table
  • Report can be edited in Microsoft Word


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