WeldCalc 2.0

SSAB introduces WeldCalc 2.0, a web-based software that enables users to calculate and present welding recommendations.

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WeldCalc 2.0 from SSAB makes decades of welding experience available in a web-based application to help the user optimize the welding process.

  • Calculates and presents welding recommendations
  • Includes recommendations for Hardox and Domex along with Weldox steels
  • Features an easy-access user interface and many new functions, making the results even easier to calculate and apply
  • User enters desired mechanical properties, welding process and plate materials involved and based on this information a “tolerance box” is calculated
  • Tolerance box shows allowed span of heat input and preheat/interpass temperature
  • Allows user to choose the properties most important in a given welded construction, such as whether to prioritize optimum toughness in the joint or optimum production efficiency
  • Results can be saved or exported
  • Logs can be opened, edited and saved again
  • Web-based and thus always up-to-date
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