Titan CPU Expander for DAQ System

Mars Labs introduces its Titan CPU Expander which connects multiple Titan CPUs together to create DAQ systems with up to 1,024 channels for design validation and testing.

Mars Labs Aerospace Daq 11283444

Mars Labs LLC has introduced the Titan CPU Expander for its modular DAQ system for use in larger-channel-count commercial and military design validation and durability testing.

  • Connects multiple Titan CPUs together to create DAQ systems with up to 1,024 analog channels plus digital channels
  • Directly records data to internal 16 GB SD card (with support for 32 GB) or to a host PC
  • Connection of multiple units allows for significantly increased channel counts, meeting high-channel count requirements of many aerospace-related applications
  • Sampling rates are up to 2,500 samples/second
  • Features auto start/auto record, as well as cabled remote control for remote start/stop of recording
  • Compact, low-weight and rugged design
  • Provides power, communication and synchronization via Ethernet cable
  • DAQ can be used for durability and fatigue, noise and vibration, shock, compression and acoustics measurements
  • For direct integration with wide range of sensing types, including IEPE-type piezoelectric (ICP, Piezotron, ISOTRON and others) accelerometers and microphones; full active bridge MEMS-based piezoresistive accelerometers; and quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain gauge transducers
  • Compact Titan CPU supports up to eight Titan Mini-Recorders, providing communications, synchronization and data storage for attached devices 
  • Titan Mini-Recorder features 16 channels of low-drift, low-noise analog front end with excellent stability for longer duration dynamic test requirements
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