Taylor Dynamometer Acquires Dyne Systems

Taylor Dynamometer has acquired Dyne Systems, expanding the range of testing products it can offer its customers.

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Taylor Dynamometer, a leading global manufacturer of dynamometers, facility support equipment and turnkey test cell solutions, announces its acquisition of Dyne Systems Inc. a leader and manufacturer of eddy current, AC and DC dynamometers, controls and drives. Dyne Systems is headquartered in Jackson, WI, and brings 35 years of industry experience. It is anticipated that the acquisition will give Taylor Dynamometer a stronger foothold in the engine, vehicle and industrial component testing industry by providing customers added functionality and flexibility.

Reinforcing Taylor’s Purpose of “Everything you need to succeed,” the combined strengths of Taylor Dynamometer and Dyne Systems will better serve the needs of their customers through: a complete, proven product line, exceptional technical and applications knowledge, and proactive and enduring support. Dyne Systems’ eddy current engine dynamometers and AC dynamometer solutions are benchmarks in the industry. The AC dynamometer market has continued to grow over the years and Dyne Systems has proven to be a leader in that market segment. And much like Taylor, Dyne Systems’ commitment to customer service is built on long standing relationships through trust, dedication and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the capabilities of Taylor Dynamometer will provide further growth opportunities in the traditional market segments of Dyne Systems by offering facility support systems such as water recirculation, air handling, exhaust and sound control. Dyne Systems will also leverage from Taylor’s test cell design services and the innovative technology of DynPro2, Taylor’s new, state-of-the-art data acquisition and control system.

Lastly, the acquisition provides tremendous career opportunities and growth for employees. The exceptionally talented and industry savvy employees of Dyne Systems that now join the Taylor organization unquestionably makes Taylor Dynamometer one of the most experienced and talented companies in the testing industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dyne Systems to the Taylor family,” says Art Downey, Taylor Dynamometer President. “Both Taylor Dynamometer and Dyne Systems have grown to become industry leaders through groundbreaking ideas, highly-engineered products and experts in execution. It is a natural and complimentary acquisition for Taylor Dynamometer that I believe will benefit both companies.”

“Joining Taylor Dynamometer is a tremendous opportunity for Dyne Systems, for both customers and employees alike,” says Alan Brown, Dyne Systems President. “Partnering with our customers has always been vital to providing the highest level of service, and by incorporating Taylor’s innovative technology and capabilities; we will be better positioned to respond to our customers’ needs.”