Signalysis Announces Testing Seminar Series

Signalysis' Noise & Vibration Quality Inspection Test seminar series consist of single-day sessions aimed at providing a basic understanding of sound and vibration principles.

Signalysis Inc. announces its 2017 Seminar Series: Noise & Vibration Quality Inspection Test. These single-day sessions provide a basic understanding of sound and vibration principles along with a practical understanding of end-of-line quality inspection systems.

Seminars also include an introduction to Signalysis quality inspection software, SigQC along with a unique opportunity to gain experience (using their own test parts) during a hands-on workshop.

The Seminar will Cover:

  • Basic Sound & Vibration Principles
  • Metric Development
  • What's new with SigQC Software
  • Hands-on Test Activities
  • End-of-Line Test Applications Review
  • Hands-on Workshop
  • Q&A

Dates & Locations

February 7: Marysville, OH

February 28: Romulus, MI (Detroit Airport)

Additional dates and locations can be found on the company’s web site.


This seminar is free to attend and lunch will be provided at no cost to attendees.

Who Should Attend

Managers, engineers, technicians and all those responsible for product quality within their respective organizations should attend.


To register, or for more information contact Steve Johnson [email protected].