Power Test and Taylor Dynamometer Merge Companies

The companies will bring together their engineering, testing and manufacturing products to aid new and existing customers.

A Taylor Dynamometer hydraulic test center.
A Taylor Dynamometer hydraulic test center.
Taylor Dynamometer
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Power Test Inc. and Taylor Dynamometerdirect competitors in the design, manufacture and support of engine and chassis dynamometers, along with hydraulic test systemshave now merged organizations. Customers can be confident that they will continue to receive the world‐class support that each has come to expect from both businesses. Strategic planning has already begun to ensure the future is bright for existing and new customers. 

Taylor developed the market for heavy‐duty engine and vehicle testing products in the early 1930’s. Based in the Milwaukee, WI, area, Taylor grew the business to reach most of the globe, with principle markets focused on mining, construction and transportation. Taylor has a loyal following of repeat customers, and a strong brand name in many industries.

Power Test was founded about 45 years later by John Petelinsek, a former Taylor employee. Petelinsek slowly grew the business and its global footprint. His son, Alan, succeeded him in 1999. He, and a talented team, built upon John’s foundation. Through a blend of innovation, organic growth and acquisitions, Power Test outpaced its competition leading to this acquisition. Power Test similarly maintains an expansive base of loyal customers on six continents.

With solid industry knowledge gained from interacting with their global customers, and the “great isn’t good enough” focus on continuous improvement, these businesses are well prepared to thrive for decades to come.

“We look forward to celebrating the 100th anniversary of our brother company in 2029 as they look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2026,” says Alan Petelinsek.

‘Better Together’ is the theme of this merger. All of the forward‐facing Taylor employees will continue to service and sell Taylor products. Previous owners Jeff Brown and Larry Golding will continue to lead the Taylor operation reporting to Power Test’s President, Rick Ruzga.

Efficiencies will be found when leveraging the Power Test robust fabrication, machining and assembly capabilities. This will be especially beneficial to the rebuild and manufacture of the Dynamatic and Midwest Dynamometer eddy current product lines, acquired by Taylor when they purchased Dyne Systems in 2016.

The sharing of best practices and innovative engineering ideas will keep these brands fresh. Elimination of redundancy and waste will provide further efficiencies. “In these challenging times, we cling strongly to the axiom, agility is the new stability,” says Ruzga.