Taylor Dynamometer DynPro2 Bronze Configuration

The DynPro2 Bronze Package from Taylor Dynamometer features fewer input/output connections for use in applications requiring basic test information and capabilities.

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Taylor Dynamometer has launched its third and simplest, standard system configuration of DynPro2, known as the Bronze configuration.

  • Data acquisition and control system for all engine, vehicle and industrial component testing needs
  • Offers fewer input/output connections than the other configurations while maintaining same level of operational capability
  • For applications where all that is required is basic test information and capabilities while maintaining closed loop control, automated tests, ECM communications, configurable screens and more
  • Simple to use but flexible enough for rigorous applications
  • Can automate industrial controls for a room, test cell, even entire test cell facility, allowing users to integrate lights, room temperature, safety interlocks and much more into overall testing process
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