dSPACE Environment Sensor Interface Unit

The dSPACE Environment Sensor Interface Unit feeds digital image data into camera ECUs to ease testing and development of ADAS and automated driving systems.

D Space Environment Sensor Interface Unit
Dspace 10055308

The dSPACE Environment Sensor Interface Unit feeds raw sensor image data to camera ECUs.

  • Supports time-correlated stimulation of a high number of individual sensors
  • Well suited for overcoming typical drawbacks during testing associated with the multiple components necessary for ADAS and autonomous driving systems
  • High-performance FPGA feeds raw sensor data to image processing ECUs in a synchronized manner
  • Typical scenarios for autonomous driving with a stereo camera, four surround view cameras and a driver's camera can be realized with a single unit
  • Flexible adaption of long- and short-range video interfaces
  • Provides image processing and manipulation
  • Prepared for mounting in HIL system (19-in. [48.3 cm] rack) 
  • Modular system supports all common interface types such as GMSL, FDP-Link III, or CSI2 and is individually configured according to customer requirements 
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