Flowmaster V7.8 Simulation Software

Flowmaster Group announces the launch of its Flowmaster V7.8 to offer simulation engineers increased functionality.

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Building on the performance of V7, the features developed for Flowmaster V7.8 are based on extensive customer feedback and have been designed to provide users with accurate and comprehensive software for simulating complex fluid networks, improving accuracy and reducing costs.

  • Includes data wizards for Pipe Roughness and Pipe Schedules, Additional Heat Transfer Options for Multiple Pipe Layers, Flow Coefficient Curve Creator, and Heat Exchangers
  • Features a simulation option for a Rigorous Energy Balance Solver
  • Allows import of data from other tools such as 3D CAD Piping and GIS to help reduce time and errors 
  • Enhanced data wizard functionality eliminates need for assumptions by enabling users to input pipe roughness values for type and condition 
  • Data wizard allows setting of pipe schedule specifications to reduc error and meet standard ANSI/ASME pipe schedules
  • Improved usability provides charting enhancements, project enhancements and results data browser