AMETEK Windjammer and Nautilair Blowers

AMETEK's Windjammer and Nautilair blowers include Intelligen II controller technology for low cost of operation and noise reduction capabilities.

Nautilair blowers
Nautilair blowers

AMETEK’s Precision Motion Control Division offers a range of electronically commutated brushless motors, fans and blowers including the Windjammer and Nautilair blowers.

  • Provides OEMs with design flexibility and high level of product control, efficiency and long life in applications
  • Utilizes Intelligen II controller technology with custom embedded software that provides end users with lowe cost of operation and functional benefits such as noise reduction
  • Full-wave commutating electronics enhance versatility by providing functional performance options, protection features and increased customization potential
  • Offers in-the-field, on-the-fly performance adjustments and real-time diagnostic reading capabilities
  • Features controllability and universal usage at varying power inputs (100 to 240V AC) that allow use in high-reliability applications
  • Functional controllability is especially useful for applications that derive efficiency and operational improvements through variable speed performance, whether linear, non-linear or step function operation
  • On-board signal level controllability allows end users to vary speed (virtually 0 to 100% variation) without any adjustments from the main input power supply
  • Ability to “dial in” a specific operating point in a “real-time, on-demand” environment eliminates wasteful energy costs associated with over performance
  • Permits series of discreet “step” speed levels to allow designers to tune product performance to specific and unique design and operational requirements
  • Fully programmable to eliminate need for developing own “hard” control schemes, but can take advantage of a multi-wire input for specific operational functions, including closed loop speed control, maximum speed set, electric braking, current limit, over temperature and locked rotor
  • Operates at highest possible aerodynamic efficiencies, lowering cost of operation and making better suited for energy efficient or battery operated systems
  • Powered by AMETEK’s brushless DC 12 or 24 motors, which now feature a tachometer output signal as a standard option
  • Can be designed to accept continuously variable input voltage levels, specifically 83 to 264V AC (versus dedicated fixed 120V, 240V and other inputs), while maintaining similar product performance across the input range
  • Universal Drive provides advantage of using same model number for all domestic and international products




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