Horton LCV40 and LCV80 Viscous Fan Drives

The LCV40 and LCV80 live center viscous fan drives from Horton feature low off-speeds designed to reduce parasitic loss for improved fuel savings.

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Horton Inc. has expanded its line of viscous fan drives with the introduction of the live center LCV40 and LCV80 models.

  • Meets rigorous needs of multiple OEM and aftermarket off-highway applications including medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, agriculture, construction and generator sets
  • Feature lightweight, compact design
  • Includes uniquely designed housing and cover for greater heat dissipation, reduced fan noise and improved airflow
  • Boasts low off-speeds that greatly reduce parasitic loss while providing more available horsepower and fuel savings
  • Completely-sealed design ensures durability and maintenance-free operation


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