AKG/WindMaster Revolution System

Horton has teamed up with AKG to introduce a combined-technology, advanced cooling system for use in multiple applications.

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AKG has teamed up with Horton to introduce a combined-technology, advanced cooling system. This improved cooling solution incorporates Horton’s WindMaster Revolution High-Efficiency, Hybrid-Flow Fan with AKG’s Aluminum Bar-Plate Deep-Core Heat Exchanger Technology.

  • Offers lower total cost, higher overall efficiency for fuel savings, greater heat transfer capabilities and easier maintenance 
  • Eliminates remote-mounted coolers
  • Fits in smaller space and emits lower fan noise while drawing less horsepower for greater efficiency
  • Moves air more efficiently around engine and through under-hood compartment
  • Available in two sizes: a 550-mm nylon 6 version and a 750-mm welded-aluminum version
  • Durable construction for longer lifespan
  • Provides consistent quality and high performance
  • Meets demands of EPA 10, Euro VI and Tier 4 engines
  • Customizable with low to no tooling costs to meet OEM-specific applications
  • Flexability allows design around traditional engine-driven fan or packaging with a hydraulic motor
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