Variable Speed Fan Drive

Variable Speed Fan Drives from GKN Rockford are designed to slow down or speed up fan speed as necessary, using less horsepower from the engine and lowering fuel consumption.

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GKN Rockford Variable Speed Fan Drives help reduce fuel consumption and fan generated noise, while providing prolonged engine life, increased belt life and improved productivity.

  • Variable speed technology enables fan drives to respond to changes in the engine cooling demands by varying the fan speed
  • Allows fan to slow down or speed up as necessary, utilizing less working horsepower from the engine and lowering fuel consumption
  • Available in various sizes and configurations
  • For engines from 400 to 4,000 hp which use cooling fans from 10 to 300 hp
  • Eliminates shock load on engine components 
  • Lowers noise for decibel rating
  • Permits programmed fan speed clipping at high engine speeds
  • Reduces radiator sandblasting and fan blade erosion
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