Modulator RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drive

Horton introduces the Modulator RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drive, a lightweight and compact fan drive designed to turn larger fans requiring a higher torque.

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Horton presents the Modulator RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drive, a more efficient engine cooling solution for global applications. It is an integrated belt-driven fan drive of lighter, compact design, engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque.

  • Variable operation reduces fan noise while increasing fuel efficiency and available horsepower
  • Directly controlled and managed by engine’s electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Can be combined with Horton’s Di Controller for precision cooling
  • Includes an integral fan speed sensor for closed-loop control
  • Magnetic design speeds reaction time, which in turn increases modulation and cooling
  • Dynamically stable with a scalable design
  • Features high built-in thermal capacity
  • Reservoir, actuator and valve system allows faster response time and lower off-speed to maximize efficiency
  • Bearing and product life is increased due to reduced bearing load
  • Stationary magnet coils eliminate need for a bearing which reduces manufacturing and materials costs
  • Front-located cover bearing reducestemperature of the bearing, increasing grease life and supporting fan weight
  • Lower parts count results in reduced initial, replacement and maintenance costs when compared to a viscous fan drive and drive hub combination
  • Eliminates need for anti-rotation strap which simplifies customer assembly and makes an extra component unnecessary
  • Offers opportunities for advanced diagnostics capabilities
  • Meets increased cooling and airflow requirements of today’s hotter-running engines
  • At end of its life cycle, the product can be returned to Horton for remanufacturing
  • Compatible with Horton’s various fan technologies
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