PerfectPitch Fan Sensor

The Flexxaire PerfectPitch sensor controls fan pitch by providing constant fedback of the fan's exact pitch to the control system.

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Flexxaire’s industry-leading PerfectPitch sensor technology provides constant feedback of the fan’s exact pitch to the control system, accurately and immediately controlling the fan’s pitch.

  • Allows fan to be set to any desired pitch at any time
  • Reverse cycles can be triggered by CANbus network and, after purge, can return to exact pitch it was in prior to reverse
  • Can be trimmed at high rpm, and de-pitch at peak horsepower demands, freeing up 80% of the fan horsepower for short events that may require more horsepower draw
  • Able to absorb parasitic engine loads, such as during downhill braking it can be put into full-pitch to provide extra drag and reduce load on brakes
  • Provides seamless and easy integration with existing machine electronics, and a robust, engineered product to withstand the industry’s most challenging conditions  
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