Crary High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Crary's high pressure centrifugal fans feature a compact size and durable cast aluminum, lightweight housing.

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Crary high pressure centrifugal fans are designed to meet a wide range of equipment and application needs. 

  • Durable cast aluminum, non-corrosive, lightweight housing
  • Compact size
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation available
  • Custom fabricated sizes and configurations are also available
  • For belt, hydraulic, engine or electric drive
  • Hub and shaft assembly is available for belt drive
  • Available without motor or with several motor options for hydraulic drive
  • Motor mounting plates available include SAE A, B or C two-bolt or four-bolt mounting
  • Fan rotor uses QD style bushings with standard and metric bores 
  • Unique flow control, overrunning check and reverse check are available on hydraulic motor driven fans
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