Horton HM1400 Modular Molded-Blade Fan

Horton's HM1400 Modular Molded-Blade Fan offers the benefits of the HTEC fan family such as increased airflow and efficiency at a reduced weight and size.

Hm1400 Fan
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Horton is expanding its modular fan family with the upcoming release of the HM1400 Modular Molded-Blade Fan.

  • Engineered for various on- and off-highway applications such as compressors, generator sets and fracking units
  • Offers all of the benefits of the Horton HTEC fan family – including increased airflow and efficiency – at a reduced weight and size compared to a standard Horton molded blade
  • Provides highly customizable performance to meet engine cooling needs in mid-range fan diameters 
  • Crafted from nylon
  • Compatible with Horton and competitive fan drives
  • Can be customized to specific application requirements, including straight and tapered bores
  • Available in a variety of blade counts and center-disk diameters 
  • Utilizes most efficient as-designed blades, with untrimmed tips for optimal airflow and cooling
  • Modular and can be prototyped quickly, allowing customers to test various blade counts and features to optimize engine performance 
  • Helps reduce weight of overall cooling package 
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