QSM12 Engine

The QSM12 engine from Cummins offers power output up to 512 hp and meets Tier 4 Final regulations.

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Cumminslo 10108212

Cummins Inc. has revealed the QSM12 with up to 512 hp (382 kW) output for heavy-duty applications. The 6-cylinder, 12-liter engine is purpose-designed to meet EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV near-zero emissions regulations.

  • Features a more compact envelope and over 30% higher power-to-weight ratio
  • Weighs 1,900 lbs. (862 kg) to enable a top-rated power-to-weight of 0.27 hp per lb. (0.44 kW per kg)
  • Higher efficiency air handling and advanced combustion enable use of a wastegated turbocharger and elimination of cooled EGR system
  • Internal loads are reduced to free up extra power potential
  • Heat rejection is lowered by over 40% compared with engines using cooled EGR
  • Sculptured block retains high rigidity while removing unnecessary mass
  • Use of composite material for oil pan and valve cover provides further weight savings
  • Features power output range of 335 hp to 512 hp (250 to 382 kW)
  • Includes Cummins Xtra-High Pressure Injection (XPI) fuel system 
  • Offers peak torque of 1,700 lbs.-ft. (2,305 Nm), and a torque rise as high as 60% is available
  • Delivers fast response to increasing load factors from low engine rpm 
  • XPI enhances engine sociability with lower noise, less vibration and smoother power delivery
  • Rear gear train also reduces vibration and lowers noise by at least 1 dBA
  • Aftertreatment combines a DPF with SCR to achieve an ultra-clean exhaust
  • DPF operates as a near passive device, with automatic active regeneration occurring less than 1% of engine running time
  • Use of a DPF in the exhaust stream provides additional margin of particulate matter emissions control at higher engine loads to realize better transient response
  • DPF has no impact on equipment operation, with the machine continuing to work as normal during automatic active regeneration
  • SCR system features copper zeolite-based catalyst capable of over 95% conversion of NOx
  • SCR able to operate more efficiently at lower temperatures, with advanced sensors providing full closed-loop control
  • Ecofit UL2 doser minimizes DEF/AdBlue dosing levels due to a high precision injection spray pattern with more effective fluid decomposition
  • Offers at least 12,000-hour life expectancy before overhaul with no midlife engine overhaul required
  • DPF-SCR aftertreatment system withstands severe shock loads and vibration
  • Can work at 45-degree angularity with just the standard oil sump fitted
  • Cummins Direct Flow air filtration system provides greater dust-holding capacity in a smaller package, with filter element change intervals at least twice that of conventional air filters
  • Air filter features embedded smart sensor to fully integrate air-intake flow with the engine combustion
  • Two-stage fuel filter system features NanoNet media from Cummins Filtration to ensure XPI fuel injection system is fully protected against fuel contaminated with hard particles
  • Includes high-efficiency coalescing filter for eliminating crankcase hydrocarbon emissions and oil mist 
  • Wastegated turbocharger is available in either a rear-out, low-mount position or in a front-out, mid-mount position to provide added installation flexibility
  • Options include a front PTO with up to 564 lbs.-ft. (630 Nm) torque, a rear PTO/hydraulic drive with up to 516 lbs.-ft. (700 Nm) torque and a side-mounted drive for a hydraulic pump
  • For machines requiring engine braking, a compression brake option is available or an integral exhaust throttle can be utilized
  • DPF-SCR aftertreatment system's modular format enables multiple configurations in both horizontal and vertical orientations
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