Cummins X12 Series Engine

The Cummins X12 Series engine is rated up to 475 hp and features weight reductions through the use of a sculptured block design and high-strength composite materials.

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Cummins Inc. has unveiled the next-generation X12 Series engine, anticipating the productivity and performance needs of the North American Class 8 truck market.

  • Enables regional-haul, intracity delivery and vocational trucks to operate at maximum payload with lower fuel consumption and more responsive driving 
  • Features 12-L and rating up to 475 hp (354.21 kW)
  • Provides up to 1,700 lbs.-ft. (2304.89 Nw) of peak torque at 1,000 rpm which remains available to over 1,400 rpm, reducing need for gear shifting and giving better low-speed lugging on grades
  • Low weight of 2,050 lbs. (929.86 kg) is enabled by sculptured block design which allows unnecessary mass to be removed but retains high rigidity
  • Weight savings are achieved by use of high-strength composite materials for oil pan and valve cover
  • Weight reduction also achieved through use of Single Module aftertreatment system
  • Single Cam In Head (SCIH) design with roller valvetrain and high-efficiency intake ports minimize complexity
  • Includes latest version of Cummins VGT Turbocharger featuring reliability and durability enhancements to boost transient response
  • Turbocharger works with integrated low-weight engine brake to provide strong engine braking at lower rpm
  • Compliant with Phase 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel-efficiency standards
  • Incorporates Cummins ADEPT, SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) functions for further fuel savings
  • Ready from factory to take advantage of advanced solutions using Cummins Connected Calibrations family of applications and over the air programming
  • Includes Connected Diagnostics to automatically processes fault code data
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