Perkins 1700 Series Engine

Debuted at CONEXPO 2017, Perkins' 1700 Series engines offer a power range of 335-456 hp and have an on-engine aftertreatment system designed to reduce installation costs.

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Perkinslo 10108214

Perkins has expanded its industrial engine range with the launch of the 9 L 1700 Series.

  • 6-cylinder turbocharged and aftercooled design
  • Direct injection and fully electronic control system that will meet EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards
  • Power range of 250-340 kW (335-456 hp)
  • Offers good power density, allowing construction machine manufacturers to downsize
  • Compactly designed
  • Low heat rejection allows for small cooling pack, thereby simplifying installation
  • On-engine aftertreatment mounting contributes to reduced installation costs
  • Fuel consumption optimized for wide range of equipment and applications
  • Low cost maintenance is achieved through service-free aftertreatment and 500-hour oil change intervals
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