Engine Technologies: DEF Goes Farming

All new high-horsepower row-crop tractor line uses SCR to reduce engine emissions.

There are so many new things to talk about in regards to AGCO Corp.'s new row crop tractors, it's difficult to narrow it down to a few key aspects.

The AGCO-branded DT Series is the result of a ground-up, multi-year product development program involving input from customers as well as engineering and marketing at AGCO facilities in the United States, France and Finland.

There's the stylish exterior or the one-piece hood offering easy access to the engine and improved forward visibility. There's a spacious cab with 67 sq. ft. of glass and a 360 degree view. Armrest-mounted controls cover key functions and up to six hydraulic control valves, and there's an optional Command Center Display (CCD) console that provides ISOBUS connectivity.

AGCO has introduced a new chassis, a heavier front axle, and larger final drives to handle bigger draft loads and increased weight. Directing power to the wheels is a new continuously variable transmission with Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM), providing the farmer with an efficient, stepless system that can reduce the amount of fuel required to do a job.

"We've listened to our customers talk about what they want in their tractors," says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for high horsepower tractors, AGCO, Duluth, GA.

The DT Series is also home to a new AGCO Sisu Power 8.4 L engine and e3 (the brand stands for energy, ecology and economy) selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce emissions of NOx and particulates. It helps the engine meet Tier 3 emissions regulations while providing a platform on which to prepare for Tier 4, without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

SCR treats the exhaust with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF, a urea-based product) in the presence of a catalyst to convert NOx into nitrogen and water vapor. DEF is seeing adoption in the trucking industry to meet 2010 on-road emissions regulations.

"The e3 SCR technology makes the DT Series the cleanest emissions tractor in their class, while maintaining unparalleled fuel economy," says John Rogers,senior product trainer for AGCO Corp. "That allows us to improve our fuel usage by up to 15% over current tractors in its class."

The decision to go with SCR was lead by AGCO's Sisu engine division in Finland; the first SCR engine was sent to North America for testing in 2007. As steering groups and product development teams looked into the SCR solution, infrastructure and lack of end-user knowledge was one of the biggest concerns about the technology.

But with "many over-the-road trucks going with SCR for 2010, so much information is coming in from on-road applications that it helped us relax. The infrastructure is coming together, too, with truck stops offering DEF," says Rogers. While DEF will be available from AGCO dealers, "we know we need multiple solutions for customers."

Delivery options are scalable from 2.5 gallon containers up to 10,000 gallon bulk options, and it is used at a rate of eight gallons to every two diesel fuel ups.