Tru-Flex Locally Reduced Bellows (LRB)

True-Flex's Locally Reduced Bellows feature lower height corrugations around the mid-point of the body to stiffen the bellows and split vibrations into two shorter sections.

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The Locally Reduced Bellows (LRB) from Tru-Flex feature lower height corrugations centered around the mid-point of the bellows body. 

  • Lower height results in stiffer bellows which effectively splits any vibrations into two shorter sections
  • Reduces magnitude of failure caused by vibrations from a diesel engine or other energy source
  • Lower corrugations allow adaptation for clearance issues related to frame rails, brackets, supports, etc.
  • Includes interlock liner and patented Tru-Flex torsional joint
  • Interlock liner helps to further damp vibrations entering the bellows body and provides a smoother interior flow
  • Torsional joint aids connection of flexible joint directly to a turbo charger
  • Torsional joint twists as the engine rotates, decoupling the motion and reducing stress on weld joints and clamps, preventing failure


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