Parker EPDM- and Nylon-Core SCR Hoses

At IFPE 2017, Parker Parflex Division will exhibit its EPDM- and nylon-core SCR hoses which lock in the heating element with an extruded sheath for uniform heating.

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The Parflex Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. now offers a standard line of SCR Hose for on-vehicle DEF transfer with EPDM or nylon core tubes to meet new Tier 4 specifications being implemented in 2018.

  • Heated hoses designed for heating and conveying DEF throughout SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system on commercial vehicles
  • Eliminates problems associated with low ambient temperatures, such as condensation, coagulation or freezing of liquids within hose
  • Locks in heating elements with patented, extruded sheath for added protection and long-lasting uniform heating
  • Assemblies are optimized based on customer performance requirements and dosing system specifications
  • Thermal performance is balanced to ensure even heating throughout assembly length
  • Power densities can be customized for different dosing control systems
  • Thaw performance and final hose assembly lengths are limited only by maximum available power of the dosing system
  • Standard assemblies are available with 4 mm (EPDM core [0.16 in.]), 5.5 mm (EPDM core [0.22 in.]), or 6 mm (nylon core [0.24 in.]) I.D.
  • Each assembly is electrically tested, pressure tested and cleaned before shipment


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