US Hybrid building next generation of cost-effective fuel cells for transit buses as part of CALSTART and FTA program

US Hybrid has been chosen to build the next generation of fuel cells for transit buses as part of a program funded and administered by CALSTART and the Federal Transit Administration.

CALSTART announces that US Hybrid has been selected and awarded a contract to build the next generation of cost-effective fuel cells for transit buses. This additional funding will enable US Hybrid to build upon its previous work and become a supplier of core technology for zero-emission fuel cell powertrains for transit buses. 

The funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will allow US Hybrid to fabricate, integrate, test and validate an advanced-generation fuel cell with the intent to commercialize the technology for transit use. CALSTART administers the project for the FTA.

“With these new contracts, US Hybrid is gaining access to world class technology, staff, facility and equipment. We are encouraged and excited to be working with an entrepreneurial firm like US Hybrid to make zero-emission fuel cell buses economically viable,” says CALSTART President and CEO, John Boesel.

In effect, US Hybrid is taking over contracts that had been previously awarded to UTC Corporation. In late 2012, after investing in the technology for over 30 years, UTC elected to sell its fuel cell technology and business. Once UTC made its decision, CALSTART vetted a number of different suppliers and with final approval and concurrence from the FTA, has assigned the contracts to US Hybrid. US Hybrid has been a key supplier of balance of plant components such as Cathode air blower, DI pump and power converters to UTC and other fuel cell suppliers for over a decade.

US Hybrid’s work is part of the FTA’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program. CALSTART has led a number of successful projects since the formation of the National Fuel Cell Bus Program in 2005. Over the period of the program, fuel cell lifetimes (in transit operations) have more than doubled while costs have declined by 50%.

US Hybrid is experienced in system design, integration and operation of fuel cell shuttle buses, specialty vehicles, passenger cars, and supporting fuel cells with component electronics. US Hybrid will complete the fuel cell power plant development, fabrication and validation at a South Windsor, CT, facility, with additional technical and management support from its Torrance, CA, headquarters.

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