Rush Enterprises and 3M introducing CNG fuel tanks at ACT Expo 2015

During ACT Expo 2015, Rush Enterprises and 3M will introduce their new lightweight CNG tanks for Class 6 to 8 trucks.

Fleets and Fuels

Rush Technologies and 3M will introduce its new partnership, Momentum Fuel Technologies, at ACT Expo 2015. Through this partnership the companies will combine 3M's lightweight compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tanks with fuel systems developed by Rush Technologies. The systems are intended for use in Class 6 to 8 vehicles.

The two companies originally announced their partnership to develop the fuel storage systems in May 2014.

Design and manufacturing of the systems will be undertaken at a facility near the Forth Worth 3M tank technology site. Facilities for installation of the fuel systems are being placed near major truck OEM manufacturing sites to ensure fast and efficient delivery and installation. 

3M's CNG tanks feature a matrix resin technology developed by the company that can be used in all-composite Type IV fuel cylinders. According to the company, the matrix resin is better able to transmit the properties of carbon fiber which reduces the amount of carbon fiber necessary for producing the fuel cylinders, reducing the weight and cost of the fuel cylinders.