Eaton EverCool Mobile Air Conditioning Hoses

During IAA 2018, Eaton introduced a new hose to its EverCool mobile air conditioning hose portfolio which improves fracture and kink resistance.

Eaton Air Conditioning Ec007 Sae Type C Hose
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Power management company Eaton announces the complete EverCool mobile air conditioning (A/C) hose portfolio, which is setting a new standard for performance, flexibility and durability in the mobile A/C industry.

  • Complete portfolio includes new EC007 barrier hose, as well as GH001 veneer hose and FC800 large-bore hose
  • Provides options for full range of mobile A/C applications including bus, truck, agricultural and construction vehicles
  • Improves fracture and kink resistance
  • Qualified with multiple refrigerants, including R1234yf

EC007 barrier hose

  • Intended for truck, agricultural and construction customers
  • Designed to reduce refrigeration loss
  • Helps minimize environmental impacts from greenhouse gases as well as downtime and costs associated with needing to add refrigerant to system
  • Constructed with thermoplastic barrier layer between textile-reinforced elastomeric layers
  • Outer cover built with heat, ozone and UV-resistant synthetic elastomer

FC800 large bore hose

  • Specifically designed for nominal sizes required for bus air conditioning systems
  • Core is made of blended CR Rubber material, a synthetic characterized by long-lasting elasticity, heat resistance and resistance to numerous refrigerants and compressor oils
  • Core tube provides greater flexibility than corrugated hose and withstands high mechanical stress coming from engine
  • Core is covered by polyamide barrier layer, which reduces permeation rate to just 0.5 kg/m²/year

GH001 veneer hose

  • Features nearly zero permeation
  • Tighter bend radius
  • EZ-clip compatibility
  • Wide in-class temperature range
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