EnviroLogic 115 Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Terresolve Technologies launches EnviroLogic 115, a biodegradable hydraulic fluid able to withstand a broad temperature range.

Terresolve Technologies, a producer of environmentally safe lubricants and functional fluids, launches EnviroLogic 115, an ISO 15 grade readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid that is based on unique biodegradable, low-temperature base oil technologies.

  • Replaces synthetic-based arctic hydraulic fluids  
  • Withstands temperatures temperature range of 200 F to -60 F
  • Non-conductive to keep equipment and crew operating near high voltage safe
  • Offers high anti-wear performance, water separation, corrosion and rust protection as well as low foaming and air release characteristics
  • Meets requirements of virtually all major pump and equipment manufacturers
  • Ability to readily biodegrade ensures break down within 28 days into safe, natural components of carbon dioxide and water
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