Eaton hydraulic system reduces blueberry harvester's harvest loss up to 50%

Eaton custom designed a hydraulic system utilizing components such as its DuraForce pumps and motors to reduce harvest loss in Blueline Mfg.'s advanced blueberry harvester.

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Power management company Eaton announces that a hydraulic system custom-designed for Blueline Manufacturing Company’s advanced blueberry harvester helps reduce harvest loss by up to 50%. The company looked to Eaton’s suite of hydraulic solutions to develop a new blueberry harvester that would improve driver ergonomics and reduce waste.

The new harvesting machine includes a complete hydraulic system, featuring DuraForce pumps and piston motors for propulsion, Eaton’s X20, 420 Series open loop piston with gear pump, and hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) manifolds used to control steering, conveyor and fan functions. Eaton’s Pro-FX Electronic Controls and Software allow harvester operators to take control of every system function from one screen. Additionally, to ensure the harvesting machine remains level while operating, Eaton incorporated an auto-leveling feature, which helps minimize losses during harvest.

“Eaton and Spencer Fluid Power developed the hydraulic system for a fully electronic Blueline machine that reduced harvest losses by 50% on its proof of concept test,” says Gregg Marrs, President, Blueline Manufacturing Company. “This significant reduction in harvest loss gives our customers confidence that they can expect a return on their investment soon after purchasing the machine.”  

Eaton also implemented traction control and four-wheel drive which allows operators to maintain proper grip through inclement conditions. The machine includes electronic steering and a fully consolidated hydraulics system with fan controls that are also operable from the touch of one screen.

“By uniting electrical and hydraulic solutions through the Power of One Eaton, we were able to develop a complete hydraulic system incorporating a broad range of innovative products,” says Patrick Nolan, Area Sales Manager, Eaton. “With the strength of our full line, including DuraForce, Pro-FX electronic controls and software, and the X20 Series, the Eaton team responded quickly, providing a system that delivers immediate results to Blueline and its grower customers.”

To learn more about Eaton’s work with Blueline Manufacturing Company, read the full case study.