Danfoss Orbital X Motors

The Danfoss Orbital X motors, introduced at IFPE 2017, improve bearing capacity by 20% and shaft seal life by 50%.

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Danfoss Power Solutions launches its Orbital X product line which includes the OMP X and OMR X, marking the first new product introduction since acquiring White Drive Products in September 2016.

  • Replaces current OMP, OMR, DS and DH motor models 
  • Up to 15% higher torque capacity than current OMP or OPR motors
  • Up to 45% more torque than current DH and DS motors
  • Improves bearing capacity by 20% over DH and DS motors
  • Shaft seal lifetime is improved by 50%
  • Finish meets corrosion class C3 standard
  • Two modular platforms will replace six existing options – one platform will have offset and end ports and the other will have aligned ports
  • Different configurations ensure an option will work in OEM customers' existing machines, allowing for easy conversion
  • Covers wide range of light- to medium-duty tasks in machines such as sweepers and scrubbers, harvesters, mowers and forklift trucks
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