T7B High Pressure Vane Pump

Bezares' T7B high-pressure vane pump features flow ranges between 5.8 and 50 cc.

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Bezares has added the T7B high-pressure vane pump to its product range.

  • Provides up to 320 bar
  • Operates between 600 and 3,600 rpm
  • Offers flow ranges between 5.8 and 50 cc 
  • Features 12 vane technology to provide less pulsations, resulting in reduced noise levels at the hoses and protection of other circuit components
  • Offers several body configuration options, including P 3/4 in. S 1-1/2 in. UNC or METRIC, P 1 in. S 2 in. UNC or METRIC, P 3/4 in. S 1-1/4 in. UNC, and P 1 in. S 1-1/2 in. UNC
  • Currently in the advanced prototype phase and is planned to be available on the second quarter of 2015




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