Green Valves

Hydraulic load-holding valves from Rexroth use gravity for performance and energy savings.

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Rexroth introduces an update to load-holding and lowering valves to make mobile lifting equipment more energy efficient and easier to control. These "Green Valves" decrease power consumption thereby saving fuel and cutting emissions.

  • Uses gravity to lower a loaded or unloaded structure while also providing increased stability and smoother start and stop of motion
  • Reduces pump flow to the boom when lowering, making more flow available for faster execution of simultaneous movements and
  • Increases overall performance by reducing machine cycle times 
  • Provides fuel savings and meets emission standards by decreasing energy demand on the diesel engine when lowering the boom
  • Suitable for several types of hydraulic circuits
  • Compact, easy to install, and interchangeable with many current Rexroth counterbalance valves
  • Reduces fuel consumption and enhances boom controllability on cranes, telehandlers and other mobile equipment
  • Eliminates need for energy consuming high pressure and flow output from the pump





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