09 Series Cartridge Valves

Comatrol's 09 Series cartridge valves are designed for applications requiring minimal pressure loss.

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Comatrol introduces the 09 Series Cartridge Valves for proportional and on/off pilot control of clutches, brakes and directional control valves. The series includes two on/off solenoid valves and a proportional pressure reducing valve.

  • Designed for pilot applications requiring minimal pressure losses in the system
  • Combines 10 size cavity with 08 size tube/coil to optimize performance 
  • 10 size cavity provides high flow capability with low pressure drop
  • 08 size tube/coil provides smaller package size and lower power consumption of coil
  • Optional inlet screen protects system from large particles
  • Solenoid valves offer choice of 2-position, 3-way (SV09-23-02) and 2-position, 4-way (SV09-24-01) schematics
  • Solenoid valves operate to pilot pressures of 100 bar (1,450 psi) and offer flow rate over 20 LPM (5.3 GPM)
  • Proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve (PPR09-POD) is pilot operated and normally open to drain so there is no actuator movement with zero current
  • PPR09-POD version provides precise electro-proportional control of clutch or directional valve when application needs proportional pilot control
  • Pressure reducing valve comes with reduced pressure settings of 20 bar (290 psi) and 25 bar (360 psi), with flow capability exceeding 25 LPM (7.0 GPM)
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