Tandem Modulating Valves

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MICO Tandem Modulating Valves are a closed center spool design, providing isolated pressure outputs for front and rear brakes. In the event of failure in either half of the brake system, the other portion of the brake valve will continue to function. They provide a modulated output pressure of up to 206.8 bar (3,000 psi) and a maximum input pressure of 206.8 bar (3000 PSI). Standard brake pressure settings are in increments of 3.5 bar (50 PSI).

When used with properly sized accumulators and a MICO Accumulator Charging Valve, these valves provide normal and emergency power-off braking in a variety of open-center, closed-center, and load sensing hydraulic systems.

  • Models are available as valve only, push rod actuated, lever actuated, and pedal actuated
  • Can also be designed with options such as built-in switches, potentiometers, etc.
  • Compact size for use in restricted space
  • Provides independent braking to front and rear brake systems from one valve
  • Oil immersed spring cavity protects return springs from outside contaminants
  • Spool design provides smooth modulation at all pressures
  • Provides "pedal feel" proportional to brake system pressure
  • Tank ports communicated internally allow for one or two return lines to tank


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