VDM8 Monoblock Directional Control Valves

Vdm8 10287169
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VDM8 - Directional Control Valves: Monoblock types - from Salami Hydraulics.

  • Cast iron monoblock construction from one to five working sections
  • Parallel circuit, load check valve protection on each section
  • Possibility of power beyond configuration
  • Possibility of venting valve
  • Spool construction in steel, hardened and chromium-plated to obtain a higher surface hardness and a better corrosion resistance
  • Several types of spools available, including double, single acting, spool motor, float position and regenerative position 
  • Interchangeability of the spools
  • Available spool with overcenter valve built in and spool with hydraulic kick-out built in
  • Minimum tolerance between the spools and the body to obtain a minimum internal leakage
  • Possibility of auxiliary valve either on port A or B or on both
  • Several spool control devices and spool positioning devices
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