MOBEUS Load-Apportioning Valve

MICO introduces the MOBEUS Load-Apportioning Valve designed for use with the company's MOBEUS electro-hydraulic brake system.

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MICO, Incorporated introduces a trailer brake Load-Apportioning Valve (LAV) for use with MICO MOBEUS EH brake systems on agriculture and other off-highway vehicles and trailers. 

  • Proportions trailer brake pressure
  • Utilizes tow vehicle’s hydraulic brake signal in conjunction with real-time trailer load sensing to continuously control pressure-reduction braking to trailer brakes without utilization of tank pressure
  • Resulting load sensitive trailer braking reduces occurrence of trailer wheel lockup or skidding
  • Senses trailer load 
  • Output pressure from valve modifies output trailer brake pressure in accordance with current weight of trailer load
  • Trailer brake pressure is changed proportionally as trailer-load is increased or decreased
  • Lighter loads induce lower trailer brake pressures whereas higher loads result in higher trailer brake pressures 
  • Compatible with MICO MOBEUS ABS systems and associated circuitry, as well as other MICO braking components and systems
  • Meets EU trailer safety requirements
  • Fits with a variety of mounting configurations
  • Vehicle brake pressure is used directly as the input to the LAV
  • Wide temperature operating range of -40 to 80 C
  • Offers simple installation and eliminates need for tank port


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