HydraForce HTD10-40 Torque Divider Valve

The HTD10-40 torque divider from HydraForce is capable of providing efficient torque control of motors by balancing pressure drop across each motor.

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HydraForce has released the HTD10-40 torque divider, a valve that enables more efficient, compact and effective control of motor speeds.  

  • Achieves efficient torque control of motors regardless of differing motor speeds by balancing the pressure drop across each motor
  • Reduces motor control horsepower requirements by up to 6%
  • Reduction of manifold complexity reduces footprint of manifold and can simplify the machine by eliminating need for sensors, compensatory valving and controllers that are typically required to effectively control motor speeds and tractive efforts  
  •  Ideal for traction control to prevent spinning wheels and wheel scuffing
  • For applications where series motors require some limited variation in speed, i.e. auger, conveyor/spinner, sweepers/brooms, drill motors, etc.
  • Can accommodate systems with multiple traction control modes



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