Bosch Rexroth's RS15WL Control Block

Bosch Rexroth's RS15WL control block has a 10% shorter installation space and a maximum operating pressure of 430 bar.

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The modular control block RS15WL from Bosch Rexroth utilizes load pressure-independent flow control (LUDV).

  • Increased pressure level and greater range of functions meets requirements of implement hydraulics in dozers and wheeled loaders up to 16 tons
  • Features reduction in pressure losses of up to 40% compared to preceding M6-15 generation
  • Sandwich plate design
  • Increases energy efficiency of implement hydraulics which in turn reduces fuel consumption and corresponding exhaust emissions
  • For operating pressures of up to 380 bar (5,511.43 psi) and a maximum pressure of 430 bar (6,236.62 psi)
  • Higher operating pressures allows designers to create slimmer stroke and tip cylinder to save installation space
  • Fully compatible with axial piston pumps A11VO from Rexroth
  • Features 10% shorter installation space than previous versions
  • Suitable for circuits with pump displacement of up to 200 l/min (52.83 gpm)
  • If flow is insufficient to supply all consumers with the desired amount, LUDV function slows down all movements at the same rate - but no consumer stops, increasing safety and operating convenience
  • Modular layout with disc segments increases flexibility for application-specific realization of diverse functions
  • High-performance regeneration of up to 100% improves control during simultaneous movements and reduces energy consumption
  • Supports faster stroke lowering with different loads without cavitation, as well as faster forward tipping with parallel kinematics
  • Optimizes "power lowering" whereby a dozer blade remains in contact with the ground
  • Reduces shovel vibration while driving and fulfills high requirements of load holding
  • Integrated priority valve reliably supplies steering and flushing valve prevents piston jamming by compensating for differences in temperature
  • "Load sensing" pressure limitation protects pumps and steering against pressure peaks




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