Sun Hydraulics Solenoid Operated Digital Logic Valve

Sun Hydraulics' Digital Logic Valve features a 10 millisecond response time and is rated to IP69K for use in harsh operating environments.

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Sun Hydraulics Corporation has launched the solenoid-operated Digital Logic Valve (DLV), a high-speed, reduced-power logic valve.

  • Provides 10 ms typical response time in a small package with few moving parts
  • Employs micro-solenoid with optimized magnetics and a small, top-mounted M12 connector to drive down size and weight
  • Simplifies wiring of components and reduces amount of space required for a multi-valve integrated package
  • Rated to IP69K for use in demanding mobile applications
  • Use as a logic element enables directional control, pressure control or flow control 
  • Optimized magnetics and use of micro-solenoid means allow coil draw of only 2 W hold (typical) and 15 W peak (typical), up to a 90% power savings over the standard DAAL with 22 W coil
  • Includes four versions with 12 or 24V DC coils in normally open or normally closed configuration
  • DLVB will be first model introduced from product family 


  • Two-way, two-position, solenoid-operated directional spool valve
  • Rated up to 5,000 psi (350 bar) at 0.25 gpm (1 L/min)
  • Weighs 2 oz. (58 g) and measures 2.2 in. high (57.2 mm)
  • Connects to industry-standard controller, enabling use in existing applications
  • Typical response time of 10 ms with reduced power consumption
  • DLVB response time is two times faster than Sun’s comparable DAAA and four times faster than the DAAL two-way, solenoid-operated directional spool valves
  • DLVB can be used to build a customized control solution using standard components by leveraging Sun’s pilot-stage cavity concept 


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