Danfoss EHi Electrohydraulic Inline Steering Valve

Introduced at IFPE 2017, the EHi electrohydraulic inline steering valve from Danfoss can be used to remove steering columns for use of a joystick or other steer-by-wire inputs.

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Danfoss Power Solutions' EHi electrohydraulic inline steering valve is compact, making it beneficial when working in limited engine compartment spaces.

  • Complements current electrohydraulic product line
  • Can be used to remove steering column and steer with joystick or other steer-by-wire inputs for four-wheel, or even full autonomous, steering
  • Enables use as universal steering valve, as it works with all common steering units
  • Flow capacity from 12-70 lpm (3.17-18.5 gpm)
  • Works with most applications in small- to mid-size vehicles
  • Can be used as standalone steer-by-wire unit for slow speed vehicles, which is ideal for applications in machines such as road rollers, forklift trucks or forestry machines
  • Use in conjunction with PVED CLS steering and safety controller enables seamless creation of certified steering subsystem, significantly reducing development time and cost
  • Ten available hydraulic configurations
  • Can be included as part of scalable design package, as it shares same platform with OSPE valve and electronic actuators
  • Flexible mounting options allow location wherever space is available
  • Can be used both in combination with steering unit or as standalone valve
  • Allows OEM to receive complete Category 3 safety architecture
  • Steering system is SIL2 certified when used with PVED CLS
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