Thomas Magnete PPCD08 Directly Operated Pressure Control Valve

Introduced at IFPE 2017, the Thomas PPCD08 valve offers flow rates of 4.76-6.60 gpm and fits into spaces measuring less than 1.18 in.

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Thomas has developed the PPCD08 (Proportional Pressure Control Direct-Operated) valve to achieve gentle, yet quick hydraulic engagement within powershift transmissions.

  • Uses directly operated pressure control 
  • Suited to clutch control tasks in powershift transmissions for tractors, earthmovers, and crawlers in particular
  • Flow rate between 18 and 25 L/min. (4.76 and 6.60 gpm)
  • Offers high flow capacity in compact installation space, ensuring clutch is filled quickly and pressure levels are kept stable regardless of flow rate
  • Fits into spaces measuring less than 30 mm (1.18 in.) in outer diameter of housing
  • Delivers faster switching times (< 45 ms) than predecessors
  • Electromagnetic force is transmitted directly to valve spool in directly operated valves and does not need to pass through pressure stage, a technically complex process required in previous models
  • Direct mechanical contact with valve spool means better dynamics, fewer pressure overshoots during regulation, and low susceptibility to fluctuations within system
  • Vehicle operator does not lose any traction or experience any juddering when changing gear
  • Features high proportion of tried-and-tested carry-over parts and simple valve design with few individual components
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