Webtec CV120 Series Combination Valve

Webtec's CV120 Series combination valve combines a variable priority flow divider with directional control valve in one body, reducing space and pressure drop in mobile machinery.

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Webtec is unveiling its new CV120 Series combination valve that provides a complete solution to hydraulic motor control for mobile machinery.

  • Variable priority flow divider combined with directional control valve in one body
  • Reduces both space and pressure drop in machinery used for mining, quarrying, construction and agricultural applications, without compromising performance
  • Lower number of required hoses and fittings required helps reduce costs 
  • Clearly marked single-turn hand dial permits fast visual adjustments to pre-determined ‘Priority’ flow
  • Pressure compensated, permitting both ‘Priority’ and ‘By-Pass’ to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting ‘Priority’ flow rate
  • Utilizes design and components from Webtec’s established VFD120 Series which results in good flow-to-pressure characteristics to achieve consistent flow independent of load pressure
  • Directional control element uses hardened alloy steel spool that can be supplied in double-acting or motor types, with three-position spring-centered or detent control
  • Features full flow pilot operated relief valve which protects A and B regulated ports
  • Two pump inlets and two tank outlets allow plumbing to be connected from either the side or top of valve, simplifying installation
  • Multiple valves can be used in series by using high-pressure carry-over (HPCO) coupling and standard fittings
  • Offers maximum operating pressure of 250 bar (3,600 psi)
  • Total flow capacity of 120 lpm (32 gpm), while regulated flow capacity is 0-95 lpm (0-25 gpm)
  • Porting choice is either 3/4 in. (1.9 cm) BSPP or 1-1/16 in. (2.7 cm) -12UN #12 SAE ORB thread sizes, although other thread sizes can be made available for special orders
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