Bucher Hydraulics LCV Proportional Directional Valves

The LCV valves employ a CAN actuator to provide precision and functionality in a wide range of mobile applications.

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The LCV proportional directional valves from Bucher Hydraulics offer a combination of the advantages of hydraulics, stepper-motor control and CANbus technology.

  • Meets requirements for automatic steering and precision control of working positions
  • Can be used in all climate zones, including those as warm as 40 C (104 F) and as cold as -40 C (-40 F)
  • Operated by brushless electric stepper motor with integrated electronics, which in turn is controlled via CANbus     
  • Targeted at applications in agricultural and municipal technology where machines are designed for flow rate of 120 l/min (31.7 gpm) and operating pressure of 250 bar (3,625.94 psi)
  • Features complete separation of electromechanical operation and hydraulic functions, together with intelligent actuator
  • Users can take advantage of exact control to match valve block to individual requirements
  • Pilot pressure not required, ensuring no affects from external influences such as pressure- and temperature-fluctuations, viscosity or contamination
  • No tendency to oscillate
  • Offers stable functions for all linear and rotating actuators
  • Intelligent actuator ensures reproducible positioning of control spool, without hysteresis and sensors
  • Neutral position is determined at every start
  • Mechanical play is detected and compensated for, so control accuracy is maintained at optimum level throughout entire life cycle
  • Moves directly to precisely defined position
  • CAN actuator eliminates previously typical valve overshoot
  • Required flow rates can be set more precisely, and opening points can be approached with linear resolution of 7 µm
  • Capable of reaching high travel speeds (80 mm/s at 12V or 100 mm/s at 24V)
  • Optimized acceleration ramps help achieve short step-response times (from 0-7 mm in 110 ms, for example)
  • Provides ease of operation by enabling synchronous operation of up to six actuators in the same mode
  • Up to 10 valve sections can be combined in one valve block, and all valves are equipped as standard with four operating positions (including a float position)
  • Held in position without leakage
  • Arrangement of valve sections on either side of central inlet section reduces internal pressure losses to a minimum and simplifies both initial installation and extension at a later date
  • Users can select valve sections complete with upstream or downstream compensators or assemble them in valve block
  • Additional functions can be included such as anti-shock and make-up valves, as well as a boost function with which a higher flow rate of up to 170 l/min (44.9 gpm) is briefly available
  • Allows easy switch over from flow control to pressure control

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