Bucher SC12 Proportional Directional Valve

The SC12 features enhanced control behavior and a modular design for a high degree of flexibility.

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With the SC12 proportional directional valve's new modular system, Bucher Hydraulics is providing optimized, responsive control behavior of the sectional valve. 

  • Drives down operating costs while delivering consistently high machine availability
  • Wide range of actuator modules enables whole valve to be precisely configured to meet custom requirements across wide range of applications
  • Offers users a high degree of flexibility
  • Consists of three basic components of inlet-, actuator- and end-module
  • Individual sections can be specifically matched to particular application
  • Variety of modules available for inlet section
  • Users can choose between load-sensing pressure relief or system pressure relief, a combination of both, as well as a three-way pressure compensator with system pressure relief, or no control function at all
  • Depending on the application, the end section has no additional function, or provides extra connections
  • Improved streamlining of the galleries and lower resistance enable flow behavior within valve section to be significantly improved 
  • Smaller dimensions of valve sections meet requirements of mobile hydraulics for compact components
  • Up to eight actuator sections can be used per valve block, which can optionally be supplemented by a further eight valve sections
  • Modules can fulfill numerous auxiliary functions that have to be safely operated in mobile equipment
  • Can be equipped with upstream individual pressure compensator to provide load-independent flow control at a particular actuator, guaranteeing stable and responsive control of several movements
  • Flow control begins with smaller pressure differences, at a Delta-P of just 13 bar (188.5 psi)
  • Power loss at valve is smaller, reducing operating costs and increasing machine productivity
  • Choice of pressure-compensator with or without load-holding function
  • Load-pressure cut-off prevents any unwanted flow of fluid, which would otherwise lead to unnecessary oil heating
  • Allows users to choose between electrohydraulic proportional or electrohydraulic on/off, hydraulic or manual, or combinations of the various control operators
  • On-board electronics are used for optimum presetting and safety-relevant functions
  • Control and diagnostics of valve block, including position control and adjustment of control characteristic, is possible via CANopen
  • Includes explosion-protected pilot valves with ATEX and IECEx approvals
  • Maximum load pressure of 420 bar (6,091.6 psi) and actuator flow rate of 130 lpm (34.3 gpm) when used with either variable- or fixed-displacement pump systems
  • Typical applications include mobile cranes and ground drilling rigs
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