Bucher Series RKVE-G..-VD22 Check Valves

Bucher's RKVE-G..-VD22 check valves feature 22% higher flow rates at the same pressure drop as previous versions.

Rkve Vd Ng04 Bis 10
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Bucher Hydraulics GmbH introduces its series RKVE-G..-VD22 check valves for applications up to 220 bar (3,190.8 psi).

  • Features high operational reliability and extremely low leakage
  • Offers flow rates that, for the same pressure drop, are 22% higher than those of previous series
  • Soft seals have been completely eliminated, thus allowing operation at temperatures from -30-120 C (-22-248 F)
  • Fully enclosed internal spring offers high levels of operational safety and service life
  • Available in nominal sizes 04 (12 l/min [3.2 gpm]), 06 (25 l/min [6.6 gpm]), 08 (50 l/min [13.2 gpm]) and 10 (80 l/min [21.1 gpm]), with opening pressures of 0.2, 0.5 and 1 bar (2.9, 7.3 and 14.5 psi)
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